Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Services for Businesses in and near Rice, TX

Does your business generate dirty laundry? Soggy Peso Laundromat can take some or all of your dirty laundry off your hands so that you can refocus on core business operations.

Running a business can be riddled with challenges but laundry doesn’t have to be one of them. We can take your loads of towels, linens, and staff uniforms off your hands so that you can concentrate on providing your customers with excellent service. We can do laundry for just about any industry. Plus we pick up and deliver all commercial orders.

Contact us for a custom quote. Quotes depend on the kind of laundry you need done, how much, and how often.

Linen Laundry Service

From bed sheets to curtains, rugs, and towels, linens are everywhere and then get dusty, dirty, smudged, stained, and discolored. As laundry experts, we can get your linens looking bright and crisp, fit for customer use and presentation.

Towel Laundry Service

In gyms, hotel rooms, bathrooms, spas, hospitals, and animal clinics, towels are ubiquitous. Designed to soak up liquids from bath water after a rinse to sweat during a workout or puddles on the floor, towels endure cleaning and drying hair, hands, and surfaces. We are the laundry service for cleaning and drying those towels and restoring them to their fresh and fluffy state.

Uniform Laundry Service

Keep your staff looking sharp and professional in front of your customers. We can wash, dry, fold, and hang uniforms. We can get them in pristine shape so that your staff will not only look professional when representing your business, but they’ll also feel comfortable and confident wearing professionally cleaned uniforms.

Restaurant and Bar Laundry Service

Coffee, wine, tomato sauce, grease, and chocolate can leave unsightly stains on your table linens and staff uniforms. Keep your restaurant dining tables and staff looking sharp in front of your customers. We use premium detergents to wash out unappetizing stains.

Hotel and Motel Guest Laundry Service

As guests check in and out, hotel staff must constantly do laundry, causing wear and tear on your own equipment. While your staff is cleaning bath towels and bedding, offload your guests’ laundry onto us. Offer your guests Soggy Peso laundry services that use premium products to wash, dry, and fold and never mix one guest’s laundry with another’s.

Airbnb Laundry Service

Booking Airbnbs can be overwhelming and underwhelming at times. Our felixible and reliable Airbnb laundry service will work with your schedule to ensure you always have fresh towels and linens whether you have back-to-back or occasional bookings.

Gym & Fitness Club Laundry Service

We can alleviate you from the mountain of sweaty towels piling up in the locker room and keep fresh and fluffy towels on hand for gym members that sweat and use your towels for themselves and on the equipment. We use premium products and the right techniques to get towels looking clean, feeling soft, and smelling fresh.

Spa and Salon Laundry Service

Pamper your customers with clean, fluffy, and gentle towels. We are your ally in ensuring you always have soft and sanitary towels on hand so that your customers will see that you care about their image, wellness, and hygiene.

Medical Facilities and Clinics

We’ll take care of your scrubs, patient gowns, lab coats, patient bedding and towels while you and your staff tend to patients’ health and medical needs. We wash out stains with industry best practices and use premium products to ensure a visibly clean and sanitized result.

If your business isn’t described in the listing above, do not worry. If you have laundry that can be washed and tumble dried, we can likely accept it.