Laundry Pick Up and Delivery Services in and near Rice, TX

Do you have a ton of laundry but not a ton of time to do it yourself at home or at a laundromat? Soggy Peso Laundromat now offers laundry pick up and delivery services in and near Rice, TX. If you are in or on the outskirts of Rice, Bardwell, Garret, Ennis, Corsicana, or Alma, then we can pick up your dirty laundry, wash, dry, and fold everything, and bring it back to you next day fresh, clean, and ready to wear or use. With easy online ordering, it’s never been more convenient to do laundry.

Scheduling our laundry pick up service is easy.

  1. Click on Schedule a Pick Up
  2. Input your information
  3. Have your clothes ready for when the driver arrives

Please note: Don't see your area? Check your zip code. We may have updated our service area.

Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service Prices

No minimum orders. Just select your order type and choose your delivery speed. Each new customer will receive a free 40 Lb. or 20 Lb. bag. Additional bags can be purchased as needed.

40 Lb. Bag
Pick Up & Delivery
per bag

20 Lb. Bag
Pick Up & Delivery
per bag

Pick Up & Delivery
per pound

Delivery Speed

Pickup & Delivery Orders
  • 2-Day FREE
  • Next Day $9.95
  • Same Day $17.95

Same day delivery is available only for morning pickups.

Household Items

Simple flat-rate pricing regardless of weight.
  • Comforter (King/Queen) Regular $25.00
  • Comforter (Full/Twin) Regular $20.00
  • Comforter (King/Queen) Down $45.00
  • Comforter (Full/Twin) Down $40.00
  • Animal Bed Thin (XL) $25.00
  • Animal Bed Thin (Large) $20.00
  • Animal Bed Thin (Medium) $15.00
  • Animal Bed Thin (Small) $12.00
  • Animal Bed Thick (XL) $30.00
  • Animal Bed Thick (Large) $25.00
  • Animal Bed Thick (Medium) $20.00
  • Animal Bed Thick (Small) $15.00
  • Sleeping Bag $25.00
  • Mattress Pad (King/Queen) $30.00
  • Mattress Pad (Twin/Full) $20.00
  • Blanket $15.00
  • Throw $12.00
  • Rug (Large) $30.00
  • Rug (Medium) $25.00
  • Rug (Small) $20.00
  • Pillow (King) $30.00
  • Pillow (Queen) $20.00
  • Pillow (Full) $12.00
  • Delicate Pillow (King) $35.00
  • Delicate Pillow (Queen) $25.00
  • Delicate Pillow (Full) $17.00

Standard 2-Day Turnaround Schedule

Driver PickupDriver Delivery

Our Wash-Dry-Fold Process

After we receive your order online, our driver will come to you to pick up your dirty laundry and bring it back to our laundromat where we get to work. After checking for any special instructions per your online order, we will sort your items into color and white loads and apply any specially requested spot treatments. We then wash everything according to best practices for material type using premium detergents and softeners. Then we will promptly transfer your laundry from washer to dryer with premium dryer sheets to minimize static cling and wrinkling (and lightly scenting your items). After a tumble, we promptly remove items from the dryer and start folding, matching up socks along the way. If requested, we will hang clothes instead of folding. Just let us know when you initiate your order online. You are also welcome to provide your own hangers with your pickup laundry. Once all is done, we’ll gently pack everything into protective bags and notify you via text when the driver is en route to return your fresh, clean laundry.

Each order includes:

  • Wash, dry, fold
  • Premium detergents, softeners, and dryer sheets

You can request the following:

  • Spot treatments (extra fee applies)
  • Hanging items instead of folding

Delivery isn’t just for pizza and packages anymore.